Becker's Fabrication

This is the official website of Becker's Fabrication.   BFI produces, flexo, flexographic, membrane switches, labels, coffee wraps, brewer wraps, over sized coffee wraps, capacitive switches, capacitance membrane switches, overlays, variable data, digital printing and other graphics.  Often these are referred to as facias, stickers, front panels, front panel overlays. 

Screen Printing

The cornerstone of our operation is our screen printing department.   Many of our processes rely on traditional screen printing to augment or complete the overall appearance that is desired.    While highly controlled, screen printing continues to be an art form where experience counts.   Our Screen printers are dedicated employees who have 20 years of experience with screen printing.  

Most materials can be printed using traditional silk screening processes for the production of custom graphic overlays, labels, and membrane switches.   The process can be effective in both small quantities or large.   Any color is available and the finished parts are approved for indoor labels and outdoor label use.   At Becker's we use special fade resistant black, red and blue inks when necessary.   Custom blank labels can also be produced leaving available areas for additional variable imprint information to be added at the point of use.  

Our UL constructions have been approved on a large variety of materials including Polycarbonate, Polystyrene and Polypropylene.   You can learn more about our UL approved processes on the UL Information page.

ur sales team and engineers can assist you in the design of your part and help you decide if screen printing is the right process for you.  

Traditional Screen Printing Process for use in membrane switches, overlays and labels.  Small runs or large runs.